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We all are living in a transition era which is taking us to somewhere not defined yet (it is cooking!), it is easy to see where we come from but blurry to be sure where we will land, momentarily.

It has been called “Digital era” for many people, some others call it the “data is the new oil”, but the thing is that many phrases had emerged for this uncertain time but what is true is that we are all living what we saw in others imagination and predictions about the future.

Companies, countries, and society are changing fast, faster than ever, are we prepared for this fast becoming?

Our own gens are susceptible to change, we had been changing from our early days as thinking people but it is now fast forward, where are we in this era?

I am passionate about what we are living and what we are becoming. I am taking this LinkedIn space to share my toughs about what we as humans are changing, businesses had become, innovation, and many things that I enjoy talking about with others.

My purpose is to have a public record for what is happening and share toughs with people that could had reached this post, I will be glad to talk to you and share our perspectives.

Thank you.

Juan Soto